Terms of Purchase

The following glossary of words and or terms shall have the following meanings, in the Terms and Conditions:

“AGREEMENT” means acceptance of, and performance upon (the service to which) the (se) Terms and Conditions referred to hereunder in Sections 1 to 4. (Terms and conditions).

“COMPANY” means Key Languages.

“CUSTOMER” means you, an individual who may use Key Languages by agreeing to these Terms and Conditions.

“DOCUMENTATION” means relevant and supporting documentation, supplied directly by CUSTOMER to COMPANY.

“FEE” means the sum payable to (for) the COMPANY for providing a translation service on your behalf of the Customer.

“YOUR” and “YOU” means the Customer in the context of this agreement.

“WE” and “OUR” means and refers to the “COMPANY”.


1. COMPANY Services Provided

1.1. The service of COMPANY is to provide translation service on “YOUR” behalf with the purpose of translating provided content into another language as requested by you.

1.2 The “COMPANY” service is only to be used in relation to translating uploaded documents using our online service.

1.3 The COMPANY service depends on the accuracy of the DOCUMENTATION supplied by the CUSTOMER. The COMPANY accepts no liability for the accuracy of contents submitted on behalf/by the CUSTOMER.

1.4. The COMPANY cannot and has not made any guarantees as to the success of translating uploaded documents via this website or mobile application.

1.5. The CUSTOMER understands that COMPANY provides a translation service and does not give Legal advice in any form.


2. Formation and Termination Contract:

2.1. No statements made by the COMPANY prior to AGREEMENT form any part of the AGREEMENT with the CUSTOMER.

2.2. By accepting this AGREEMENT the CUSTOMER shall authorize(s) the COMPANY to provide a translation of uploaded documents only.

2.3. In the event that information comes to us the COMPANY or we have reason to believe (believes) that the CUSTOMER is, has been or is about to use the COMPANY services for unlawful purpose, the COMPANY may terminate the agreement with immediate effect and You will be Notified of the same.

2.4. Either party may terminate the AGREEMENT if the other party has breached the AGREEMENT, and fails to remedy said breach within a 30 day time period.


3. FEE and Money Back Guarantee

3.1. The CUSTOMER agrees to pay the COMPANY the FEE for the service by accepting this AGREEMENT.

3.2. A full Money Back Guarantee applies in the event that a document to be translated is rejected by the COMPANY and the FEE will be refunded by COMPANY to CUSTOMER, providing the CUSTOMER has adhered to the terms of this agreement.

3.3. (COMPANY) WE are (is) not liable to refund FEE to CUSTOMER if DOCUMENTATION is knowingly incorrect, misleading, inaccurate or illegible. The Money Back Guarantee will cease to apply in these cases.

3.4. If the CUSTOMER enters into AGREEMENT with Us (COMPANY) but then decides to have the translation undertaken outside of the COMPANY, the Money Back Guarantee will cease to apply and the FEE will not be refunded.


4. Limitation of liability & indemnity

4.1. You are to (CUSTOMER is) only (to) use COMPANY if no loss, harm or damages has been or will be caused to a third party by your actions.

4.2 (COMPANY) WE shall not be liable for any loss, harm or damages caused by the (CUSTOMER) YOU whether in contract, tort or otherwise.

4.3. (The CUSTOMER) YOU hold(s) harmless, indemnify(ies) and keep(s) indemnified COMPANY and COMPANY’s parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, shareholders and employees in respect of all liabilities, regulatory fines or penalties, costs (including legal costs and disbursements), losses and expenses arising (directly or indirectly) out of:

4.4. The use of the Services by the CUSTOMER or the misuse of the Services by the CUSTOMER.
4.4.1 Any claim originating out of use of the services by a third party;

4.4.2 CUSTOMER causing loss, damages or damages to reputation to COMPANY.

4.4.3 Breaches of Intellectual Property of COMPANY or any unlawful action or slanderous statement.

4.4.4 Negligence, a breach or allegation of breach of the AGREEMENT by the CUSTOMER.

4.5 If the COMPANY breaches the AGREEMENT, COMPANY must remedy this within 30 days.

4.6 Each of the provisions of the AGREEMENT are constructed and shall be construed independently of one another and applying and surviving even if one or more of the other provisions or clauses is held incapable, unreasonable or void by way of severance.


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